Terms & Conditions

Free Trial

All memberships have a 7 day free trial. We take your credit card details upon signup, to make it a smooth transition from the trial into your paid membership. You will not be charged during your free trial and you can cancel at anytime during your free trial and paid membership.


All Memberships auto-renew. Your billing cycle is automatic from your first payment date, either Monthly, 3 Monthly or Annually, depending on which membership option you have chosen.


You can cancel your membership at anytime, simply go to Accounts, Subscriptions, then on the right there are options to Update, Pause or Cancel your membership. After you cancel, you will still have access until the end of your billing cycle.


Sorry we are not able to offer refunds.


Please read the following terms carefully. By participating in any online class provided by Pilates With Nikki (ABN: 90512664095) you consent to, and agree to release the Instructor from liability according to, these terms. Unless the Instructor notifies you otherwise, this waiver and release will apply to all classes undertaken by you.

You acknowledge that:

  • You understand that the classes are a form of physical activity and that there are inherent risks in undertaking any form of physical exercise;
  • You have Doctor’s clearance for any pre-existing conditions that may place you at a higher risk of injury or inhibit your ability to participate in a class, prior to commencing online workouts, this includes, but is not limited to:
    – Injuries, pain or recent surgery;
    – Pregnancy or if you have recently given birth; or
    – Respiratory or heart conditions or high blood pressure.
  • If you experience any pain throughout the online class, you will immediately stop participating;
  • Recommendations or instruction provided by the Instructor may not be tailored for your particular skill or ability level and it is your responsibility to assess whether you are able or want to participate in all or part of an online class;
  • You are solely responsible for ensuring that your physical environment is suitable for your participation in any online class.

To the extent permitted at law, you release and hold the Instructor (and where applicable its, directors, employees and representatives) harmless from any liability, cost, expense, damages or claims (including claims of negligence) arising from or which may be suffered or incurred in connection with your participation in any online classes provided by the Instructor.