About Me

About Nikki

Hi, I’m Nikki Jury, Founder and Instructor at Pilates With Nikki and Mindful Movement Pilates Studio. I first started Pilates classes at my Ballet Studio when I was a Teenager, to strengthen my core and to help prevent injuries whilst dancing. I fell in love with the Pilates technique, the flowing movements and I loved the changes I was seeing in my body (hello long, lean muscles). I knew at that point that I wanted to teach the Pilates Method in a way that was creative, fun, a perfect mix of mobility & strength and with flowing transitions between each exercise.

I completed my Diploma in Pilates Instruction in 2013 through Pilates International in Sydney and started creating the Studio’s of my dreams in 2014. My passion for Pilates is like no other, it’s bigger than my passion for dancing (which was basically my everything as a teenager). My job doesn’t feel like ‘work’… It’s something I absolutely love practicing, teaching and learning about. My clients feel taller, stronger and more flexible after class, whilst being more in control & mindful of their bodies.

Helping you respect your body.

I will inspire you to exercise with heart, to really focus on feeling the movements, the stretches and the burn. I want you to treat your body with the love and respect it deserves. Sure, that might mean to push through the burn & to keep pulsing when you want to stop & yell profanities at me. But trust me… you’ll not only feel the difference in your body, but you will also see the benefits in a short amount of time.

Get to know Nikki.

Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.

Dairy Free Magnums.
Oat Mocha or a Rosé.

Activewear… always! 

Lorna Jane is my go-to.

I am terrified of Spiders.

At a night club! Many Moon’s ago.

I have a son; Billy (a crazy, fun toddler!) and a fur-baby named Charli, who you will see in some workout videos.

Wine! (I have a Toddler!)

Mascara. My eyelashes are very blonde.

My Parents owned a Donut Shop, so I started working there when I was 14.

Run multiple Pilates Studio’s!


“Pilates with Nikki has greatly improved my strength and helped with recovery from previous sports injuries. The classes are fun yet challenging and offer something for all levels from beginner to more advanced. The online studio is great!”

Elissa, A


“Since starting Pilates my mental health has improved so much. I generally feel a lot happier and love myself more and more every day. Nikki is an amazing instructor, her exercises are so versatile. Thank to wonderful Nikki, I have found my love for exercise.”

Kristine, B


“Nikki is an incredible teacher. In her online classes I feel very safe that I’m doing the best to my ability and technique. She has a level for everyone and every ability. We always have fun and feel that burn.”

Eliza, B